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The Full Story

Evelyn R. Haynes 1950-2017

Your Legacy and Dedication to transform education will live on.

My Memory of:

Evelyn R. Haynes

She Educated, Inspired, and Motivated so many to their greatest and fullest potential.  Born in Rural Florida in 1950, in the segregated south, she lived a life of  Dignity, Determination, Grace, Elegance, and sheer Faith.  The birth of this Non-Profit is to honor her life and legacy.  Her greatest testament to success...

Her Grand Sons Kai Jr., Austin, and Iverson

In Honor of :

With love overflowing, this dedication is for you, my cherished grandsons. As a devoted grandmother and a passionate educator in exceptional education, you have been my endless source of inspiration. Your curiosity, resilience, and boundless potential fuel my dedication every single day.


To  Kai Jr., your kindness and determination illuminate every room you enter. You inspire me to see the world with a compassionate heart and an unwavering spirit.


To Austin, your creativity and adventurous spirit remind me of the importance of embracing life's journey with joy and curiosity. Your enthusiasm for learning ignites a flame within me that will never fade.


To Iverson, your intellect and curiosity challenge me to continuously seek knowledge and grow. Your thirst for understanding and passion for discovery are a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.


Know that you are the heartbeat of my existence, and my love for you knows no bounds. May you always remember the lessons of love, resilience, and compassion that I strive to impart to each of you. With every breath, I am grateful for the gift of being your grandmother.


Forever and always,


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