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Blautism Education

Blautism, Inc is a Non-Profit organization designed to address the resources, challenges, advocacy, literacy, and education of children who are ASD.  Specifically, Autism has been a very Taboo conversation within the African -American community.  Culturally, many families have refused to discuss, in fear of societal pressure.  Unfortunately, this has affected, on a large scale, early intervention.  Knowing that Autism is partnered with other neurological, physical, emotional, and mental diagnoses.  We provide presentations, advocacy support, educational resources, and unwavering understanding.  Please join us as we share our story of the Blautism Education Journey :) 

Trainings & Support Services

Early Intervention Conversations

Speaking Presentations

DEI Educational Training

Educational Case Management

Placement & Referral Services

IEP & 504 plan support

Scholarship k-12 assistance

Parent & Family Service Referrals 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Individual Sessions 


Per Month

Best Package Offer

Scheduling Childs Case Management

Reviewing IEP or 504 suggestions 


Sent to Schools (3 per month)

Reviewing Monthly progress

Business Services


Per Hour

Case Management for Preschools & Businesses


DEI, Intentional Parent Practices, and Case Management

Event Planning 

Hosting Parent Quarterly Parent Meeting

Scheduling Referrals for Students

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