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What was Evelyn R. Haynes Inspiration?

The 3 Young men in this photo were the greatest love of Evelyn R. Haynes life.  These words come from me, her only child and daughter:

As an educator who understood every child was a genius!  Evelyn specialized in students with exceptionalities, developing foundational skills by creating an individualized curriculum for her students.  Non-traditional in her approach to educational instruction, believing there were no one-size fits to excellence.  Evelyn also realized from her teaching abroad that students' cultural, mental, social-economic, faith, and familial status played a significant place in their development.  When blessed with a grandson on the Autism Spectrum she experienced firsthand from a social space many internal barriers within the minority community.  It is important as we honor her legacy, we acknowledge that only through working to support ALL families in education.  IEP's, 504 plans, parent and family engagements, partnerships with support service groups, training, and conversations must happen.

Meet Austin- World Autism 

Acceptance Day 2021

Getting to know Austin.... He is amazing and has a Voice!

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