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About Us

Evesblessings is a Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to the Memory of Evelyn R. Haynes, Mother, Grand-Mother, Mother in Love, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Dynamic Educator, and Mentor.  Evelyn was the mother of one daughter, Anita M. Whitby-Davis.  As an international educator, her life was dedicated to creating a world beautiful for all children through holistic learning.  This Non-Profit was designed and dedicated to her memory, dreams, vision, and family.  Blautism is a testimony to her desire to instruct, heal, and eliminate barriers within the African- American community to educate, empower, and guide their children.

Mission Statement

The Mission for Blautism Education is the introduction of intentional diversity, equity, culture, and inclusion services within Neuro-Diverse spaces. Parent & Family Engagement, training of direct service providers, creating service individual educational plans, and connecting families with support services.

Vision Statement

African-Americans and other minority families culturally are protective of disabled members of their community.  The vision of Blautism, is a protected and safe space for resources, information, advocacy, and support. As the design of education is changing, our community must address collective experiences to adjust for our children.  Blautism, having experience in varied cultural awareness, allows cultural bridge building and partnerships, without compromise to the African-American & Minority Experience.

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